Radio One Detroit Reassigns Programming

Effective immediately, Ms. Smiley has been promoted to Program Director of WDMK (105.9 Kiss FM). Since January, Smiley has been a MAJOR force in the resurgence of this great brand , using her native Detroit ears to advise us on how to perfectly tune this wonderful station to its adult female target. With this move, we are securing an outstand ing future for our beloved Kiss FM! RF says Congrats to Smiley…

OM Al Payne also informed Radio Facts “On top of my duties as Detroit Operations Manager, I will be adding day to day oversight of WHTD (Hot 102.7) as Program Director of that brand , with Smiley’s help as Assistant Program Director. Smiley also maintains her title as Music Director of WHTD. I will continue as Program Director of News/Talk 1200 WCHB.”

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