Radio Facts Creates the First Minority Media Talent Directory Online, Helps Corporations Find Minorities, Eliminates the Middleman

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radio facts voice box

Radio Facts Voice Box Premieres

First Minority Online Talent Site Helps Voice Talent Find Work!!!
LOS ANGELES, CA – March 20, 2012 - Corporations constantly tell us “We can’t find minority talent to promote our product.” Ironically, many talent agencies have a roster of people who they constantly recommend for various jobs and minority talent is often forgotten about. Radio programmers announce a job and they are overwhelmed with responses and announcers or mix DJs looking for a gig find out when it’s too late. We’ve solved the problem for ALL of the ABOVE…and MORE…

 name= The Radio Facts Voice Box ( is the FIRST revolutionary online Talent Directory specifically featuring minority talent. We have a comprehensive list of radio corporations, media corporations, consumer corporations and more that we send the Radio Facts blog out to 3 to 5 times a week already and we constantly get requests from PDs, voiceover agencies and corporations looking for people like YOU but they claim they can’t find you. We have referred people for jobs but we don’t want to miss anyone and they shouldn’t either.   YOU POST, WE PROMOTE, we’ll do all the work for you for a small fee of $9.95 a month or more. Of course we don’t guarantee that you will find work but you WILL get GREAT promotion by being on our site.

Here’s how it works: a Program Director is looking for a replacement for an on air position at the station. As soon as he announces it, he is BOMBARDED with requests and responses…but what if he didn’t have to announce it and you didn’t have to know he’s looking because YOUR INFORMATION IS ALREADY POSTED on The Radio Facts Voice Box? The PD will get updates on our email blast when we send them out and a link to go to the site to look for talent. Who else in the industry is doing that for you right now? We can answer that for you NOBODY. Imagine, the PD can hear your audio and directly email you from The Radio Facts Voice Box… BEFORE he announces the job to the entire industry. That means you are in front of the line without even knowing it.

Radio Facts, sends out in an email blast from three to five times a week. That list goes to programmers from Urban, CHR and Rhythmic radio, Radio Corporations, Consumer Corporations, Talent Agencies and all of our social networks with even more businesses on them like Linked-in, FaceBook and Twitter. We will include a link to Radio Facts Voice Box to promote our talent to the industry and beyond for work. We are listing the site as a “TALENT DIRECTORY” not a job site so that those still working can comfortably post their information without stating they are looking for work.

We are rolling out the initial system next week but Radio Fact readers can be ahead of the curve but signing up NOW. We are currently accepting:

  • Radio Announcers
  • Voiceover
  • Narration
  • Production/Imaging
  • Mix DJs (Radio)
  • Mix DJs (Club)
  • Syndicated Radio Show Ideas
  • Talk Shows
  • Entertainment Reports and More

We will send out a major press release to the marketing departments at over 130 corporations and we have big plans for this site. Go to the site and look around. Click pictures and you will see how the site works. Sign up by hitting the PayPal subscribe button and checking the $9.95 link . We will announce the Premium and Silver memberships in the weeks to come. After you pay you will automatically be sent to the short sign-up section where you will upload your image and audio. If you’re not talent, you can also DONATE so that we can offer free memberships to those who can’t afford the fee but need to find work.

Go to

Be the first to sign up for this revolutionary service…. Enjoy… Sign up HERE – Just $9.99 a month.


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