Radio Facts 2013 Industry Predictions: Starring E’Crea and the Baby Mamas

Written by Kevin Ross - January 4, 2013 at 5:26 am - Filed Under: URBAN

Radio Facts 2013 Predictions: Starring E’Crea and the Baby Mamas

 data-recalc-dims=Here are our predictions for 2013… all of them are not good but all are not bad either. Let us start by saying the petition is reaching 10,000 signatures to get Shawty Lo’s show “All My Babies’ Mommas” canceled but the network is going to proceed forth with the show. They will agree to make some changes but they smell a smash hit and when it airs it will be a smash hit. At LEAST the network didn’t grammatically destroy the title to make the matter worse by calling it “All My Baby Momma’s”. Yes this format is indeed ratchet but while the petition is being signed, I am still searching the world over for a simple answer… why would a woman lay on a table and give birth to a child and name the child E’crea? I cannot get over that name but I can certainly say some of the names black women gave their kids in the 80s should be considered child abuse. I thought the 70s were bad enough with all the Lumiquas, Jutiquas, Uniquas and Afrosheenaricas but the 80s were WORSE… E’CREA? What in the hell is that? Was she looking at a container of CREAM and playing the letters? That has got to be the most hideous name on the planet. I really can’t get past that let alone the show. Let’s face it, Shawty can only make so many Shake that Laffy Taffys, By the way, I am still having a hard time believing that song was a hit too. The man is trying to make money and what better way but to get the whole city, I mean FAMILY involved. I agree putting a show like the air would indeed cause a huge level of supreme disrespect and misrepresentation for the black community in America INTERNATIONALLY, I mean a black man taking care of his kids? Who would believe that?   While I think Sabrina will get OVER 10,000 signatures to axe the show. We will check back in December to see how many of these came true. (click “next” on top or bottom of story for next prediction for 2013)



  1. barbara jones

    The promotion of someone of color doesn’t necessarily mean a boost for the Black community. Just look at the likes of Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Allen Keyes, Michael Steele….

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