Radio Facts 20 SHOCKING Things Never Posted, This Friday

Written by KevRoss - September 7, 2011 at 9:45 am - Filed Under: URBAN


RF friends. I can’t believe I’m going to release this. Get ready, this Friday for an EXPLOSIVE quick read on 20 Shocking Things I never posted in the blog and why. After you read it, you will understand why I will not answer one email 0r phone call about this book. It’s a MUST read.


  • Lost Opportunity: Popular PD Not Liked by Staff

  • PD Busted

  • DJs Busted

  • Corporate Financial Problem

  • Sodomizing DJ

  • Nude Industry Pics

  • Male DJ Singer Ricky Martin Dated

  • Sales Discrimination Case

  • Oversexed DL Record Exec

  • Hated Exec

  • Cross Dressing Vet

  • Backstabbing Competitor

  • Corporate Scandal

  • Racist Policies

  • Legal Threat from Competitor

  • Porn Advertising

  • Dumb Record Exec

  • My REAL issue with The Frequency Exposed

  • Broke Execs

  • Station Discriminates Against Dark Skinned Older Woman


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