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Quote from Top 10 Programmer Lee Micheals’ Radio Facts Interview


 srcset=KEVIN ROSS: How is it possible that the industry would choose a person who is presently NOT working in programming as the number one pic in The Radio Facts Top Urban Radio Programmers of All Time?

LEE MICHAELS: I think it speaks volumes for the frustration that most poeple in the industry feel. When you become frustrated you tend to gravitate towards a time when things were prospserous, innovative, motivating and exciting and I guess when you look through the last 30 years I’ve been fortunate enough to have my name resonate with all of that. That’s the only thing that I can think of.

I talk to people all the time in the industry and there is a great frustration. They don’t like what’s happening. They don’t like being under the gun and being told not to do anything creative or edgy. It’s a pushed down cookie-cutter programming philosophy that exists in this industry.…Read the ENTIRE interview tomorrow in the industry’s Number One source for urban news and information Radio Facts

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