Pirate Radio App Turns Your iPhone Into A Transmitter

KevRoss | Posted Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 - Category: URBAN


wah wah

Social radio app wahwah.fm lets people emanate their possess stations with a song on their iPhones, branch everyone’s device into a conductor like a complicated day chronicle of bandit radio. The app launched final week in Germany, and before a finish of a year it will be accessible in a U.S., a UK and France, and Android users will also get their possess version, followed by one for a Windows Phone. CEO Philipp Eibach told GigaOM:

We really wish to go worldwide as shortly as possible. Taking a radio-licensing proceed creates it easier to move it to other countries ““ we don’t have to negotiate with any tag for any country.


wahwah.fm, lets users emanate their possess radio stations, providing there is a compare in song provider 7digital”˜s vast catalogue. They can also listen to other people’s stations, summary them, and list their broadcasts as Facebook events.

Labels and song retailers are offering their possess stations and have a possibility to aim users in specific locations when new albums are released. More location-based promotion is designed for a future, along with a ability for users to tide their possess recordings, and in-app purchases permitting them to customize their stations and send pull notifications.


Photo by Jonas Forth

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