Pioneer DJM-2000 pro DJ mixer debuts

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<p>I once won some tickets to an event from a radio station and   when I went to to pick them up the number of knobs and   buttons in the studio was impressive. I could never be a DJ, I have a tendency to push buttons to figure out what they do rather than read instructions. Pioneer has a new pro DJ controller it is unveiling today for those that know what all the buttons and   knobs are for called the DJM-2000.</p>
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<p>The device has the industry’s first 5.8-inch multitouch screen effects, Evolved Beat Effects, Pro DJ Link, and   MIDI controls. The color LCD also lets the DJ set up seven different dynamic audio effects with touches and   movements on the screen.</p><div class=

Other features include Pro DJ Link to link the Pioneer CDJ-2000 or CDJ-900 turntables to the mixer and a Live Sampler for taking sounds from as mic or master output to use in the mix. A 3-band EQ is built-in and the Cross fader function can be assigned and adjusted. The DJM-2000 will ship in June for $2,999.

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