id=Hollywood can be wonderful and horrific on the other end, it would amaze you to see how many former stars live in discount rental units or who collect unemployment or who are forced to work at drug stores or the grocery store. The old saying “15 minutes of fame” becomes evident when you have lived in a place like LA and you see how many celebs struggle to get a second or third break that most likely never comes. Many are addicted to what used to be and they think they can get another chance and they refuse to leave. The DeBarge family has had an incredible amount of problems, legal, financially and personally… it was actually revealed in a Vibe magazine article that the father of the DeBarge kids did indeed molest many of them. That was a rumor for decades but the mother and the family members actually admitted it was true.

Father of 10, with the oldest being 32, El Debarge, 46 is in jail again under his real name Patrick Eldra DeBarge. El was charged last year with everything ranging from vand alism to drugs and domestic violence.

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