OH NO: X Rated Vintage Blues Singer Audio Found (audio)

Posted Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - Category: Of Interest

This has to be one of the earliest “dirty” records on record. I have no idea who this woman is but in the song, she talks about her “cock.” Let’s explore that for a minute this morning…. shall we? It’s the word of the day… “Cock.” I wondered, when I was a kid, why black kids said a “cock” was a pu..y and white kids said it was a dick? Somebody got confused. I just know when I first heard the word “cunt” at about the age of 11, I laughed till I sh… on myself and I said it everywhere I went. At the grocery store to the clerk, at church during communion, to all my friends and even to my mother who slapped the sh… out of me. That is still one of the funniest words in the English language… “Cunt”… think about that word… What in the hell did that derive from? Cunnilingus perhaps? No, I’m sure it came from the statement: “That ole Country Girl P*#sy” That’s it, Cunt is a short name for Hee Haw P*#sy. It still makes me laugh today. Black people prefer to use more powerful words like the “P*#sy” and “Dick” a recent Radio Facts dirty language poll suggests. I almost never hear a black person say “Cunt,” “Vagina” or “Cock.” Please enjoy this nasty ass woman singing this filthy repulsive sh…, won’t you? This is disgusting, yet entertaining and historic…. and it it makes one wave one’s head and clap one’s hands to the bluesy rhythms and beats. Filth and great history.. who could ask for more.


  1. Socks

    The noun ‘c*nt’ has been in use for many centuries (since the Middle Ages), and is just another vulgar slang word for vagina or vulva. If you interact broadly within the English-speaking world, you’ll find that all sorts of folks use all sorts of words…

  2. Kevin – who is this singer? I tried to locate the original link in my search for her name, but could not – i am an ultimate blues fan – so i just gotta know – i love her !