OH NO: My Daughter is GAY!

You have to give it to me for those headlines, don’t you? (laugh). As many of you know by now I am probably the most liberal person in the industry. I don’t care who you fook as long as they are of legal age and it’s consenting. I have always believed that if you want to know who someone else is fooking, you’re having a hard time finding ANYONE to fook you (laugh). But this Prop 8 has really been making the news as of late in Cali which grants same-sex couples the right to marry. Now I know that black folks can have murderers in their families, crack addicts, gangbangers, prostitutes, car jackers and rapists and THAT’S OK as long as they are NOT gay or bisexual (laugh, I kill me but the irony….. the IRONY). Does the black community REALLY care about gay people getting married to each other or are we more concerned that one of our children might make an announcement to us one day that THEY want to have a gay marriage??? Take the poll in the upper left….

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