OH NO: Monique Canned at KDAY Guess Why?

 id=(OK this is not “Monique” but it IS Destiny Monique. Today, only Delicious Pictures will be run in Radio Facts)

LAWD JE, I’m going to start a new magazine called Radio Today… (is not what it was yesterday). Looks like the incredible shrinking former big girl advocate/comedian Monique was removed from the KDAY line-up after just a few short months of being on the air. Depending on who you ask, there are many reasons but the main one in the streets is something we almost NEVER hear in the radio industry these days “BUDGET CUTS.” Now when syndicated shows start getting axed because of Budget Cuts, y’all motha fooking radio people better start running for the damn hills (laugh, but not funny)… this sh… is getting serious… Sh…, what’s next, laying off interns (stop laughing) I thought syndicated shows were brought in to stations to SAVE money.. this sh… is really getting…. I said stop laughing… scary. Monique’s ratings are not to blame according to several sources in various markets, she’s doing pretty well, even though somebody needs to give her big ass a cough drop, that hoarse voice is annoying at times. But overall, I hear KDAY is in MAYDAY mode, sources tell me the station is steps away from bankruptcy…. of course this is all alleged and hearsay for now but if it’s true, we hear another syndicated show is about to get the ax at the station too.

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