OH NO: Lisa Wu Hartwell Sues Keith Sweat for Custody/Judge said Keith did WHAT?

 data-recalc-dims=Lisa Wu is a delicious alert, she is the only one one the show Real Housewives of Atlanta, that doesn’t look like a transvestite (laugh)

Not sure if the girls in the pic are Keith’s daughters but I can’t say I blame him on this one. The stepfather raising my kids thing just doesn’t sit well with me either. At first I when they mentioned “violence towards the mother” I thought they were talking about Lisa’s new husband , Ed Hartwell, no, they were talking about Keith?

Å“Real Housewives of Atlanta  housewife Lisa Wu Hartwell last Thursday filed for primary custody of her two sons with ex-husband and R&B singer Keith Sweat.

Å“The best interest of the minor children will be served by modifying the current custody and visitation provisions to make Mother the primary physical condition of the minor children,  according to the court papers filed with the Superior Court of Fulton County. Å“Since the time of the Divorce Decree, Mother has remarried, owns a successful business and will provide a stable, loving, and nurturing environment in which she can raise the minor children.  Wu is seeking Å“primary  width=physical custody and joint legal custody with final decision-making on all issues regarding the minor children.  She will Å“reasonably engage Keith in good faith discussions before any final decisions are made concerning the children?s welfare.  The two children are Jordan Sweat, age 14, and Justin Sweat, age 11. While she has stated that she has a successful business and has remarried, she still wants child support as well.

According to the final divorce decree written by Fulton Superior Court judge Cynthia D. Wright in 2003, Keith received primary custody. The judge went on to say the relationship was Å“extremely tumultuous” AND that there was evidence that Keith had been violent towards Lisa, but no evidence he has ever been violent the children. 

In addition, The judge felt the children at the time Å“lacked structure in their lives, due in substantial part to Motherâ„¢s numerous business ventures and frequent trips out of town” The judge stated Lisa has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children ¦ OUCH!   There was some evidence at trial that Lisa also implicitly participated in robbing Keith in the presence of the kids AND she also took money from Keith prior to the initiation of the divorce. To that end, Wu lost custody and you know as well as I do it is almost IMPOSSIBLE for a father to be granted sole custody of his kids in this country no matter HOW great a father he is. To an extent, the kids need the mother but both parents would of course be the best course. While Keith was traveling legitimately on a frequent basis as well, his mother often stepped in to help raise her grand sons. Wu wanted her sons on the show Real Housewives of Atlanta but Keith flat out refused (I can’t blame him for that) in addition, she is not allowed to mention him on the show.

Wu Hartwell is currently married to former NFL player Ed Hartwell. Sweat appeared on V103’s Frank and Wand a morning show yesterday to promote his new reality show to reunite Dru Hill (give me strength). The show is on the WORST network Peachtree TV (laugh). We wish him luck nonetheless.

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  1. Reggie

    In this country the man hardly ever gets granted full custody unless there something really wrong with the mother!!! Unfit Im saying. So that’s good for keith and the kids she didn’t get them. And besides I watch the show and its no place for kids in my opinion.

  2. ImaStayHot

    Lisa and her hubby lost their million dollar home to foreclosure and her so-called clothing line ‘closet freak’ is a joke!!! The final divorce decree stated “Lisa has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children”!! There is no way in hell a judge is going give her custody. A real mother puts her kids FIRST!! She doesn’t deserve them!