NO SURPRISE: As Thousands Protest, Rush Limbaugh Defends Trayvon Martin’s Killer

KevRoss | Posted Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 - Category: URBAN

rush limbaugh

As thousands criticism in Sanford, FL, Rush Limbaugh shielded a sharpened of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as removing a little, “overzealous.”

Limbaugh said,

“Jerry, what I’ve review is that Mr. Zimmerman “” who, again, a New York Times refers to as a “white Hispanic” and a rest of a media has now picked that up, ’cause that fits a template. You need white-on-black here to solitaire this up. we understand. He wants to be a cop. He only loves law enforcement, and he’s a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch commander, and he wanted to strengthen his neighborhood, and he only got a small overzealous and so forth. But we still don’t know what a genuine contribution of this are, we don’t think. That’s because this is”¦ It’s a month ago that this happened, and nonetheless it’s being portrayed as yet it only happened final weekend or something, during slightest with a courtesy that’s being focused on it. But it unequivocally is discouraging that there are people perplexing to fan a abandon of this rather than cold it down. we meant during a top levels. we meant we know who a people perplexing to advantage from this are, though during a top levels of a government, we would consider “” with a powder keg like this “” that people would wish to try to lard it, cold it off a small bit. we only don’t see any of that.”

Limbaugh’s remarks afterwards incited toward a common conflict on President Obama and a left for injecting competition into a murdering of Trayvon Martin.

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