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Most Innovative Urban Radio Program Directors


Most Innovative Urban Radio Program Directors

Radio Facts, the leading urban radio industry trade and the only one worth reading, has compiled this list of the most innovative urban radio programmers based on our own observations and conversations with industry notables. This is a short list and it’s not conclusive as there are more innovative Program Directors to come. We’ve started writing about why these PD are the most innovative and we wanted YOU to finish contributing to this story. Feel free to comment about why YOU feel these programmers are innovative.

Reggie Rouse -WVEE/Atlanta

reggie rouse
Who can deny Reggie Rouse‘s programming genius. The industry knows Rouse’s incredible dedication and outstanding creativity make V103 in Atlanta one of the most popular and respected stations in the country. Rouse makes every shift count and each jock establishes their own network of fans and supporters but they still come together to form one incredible team.


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