Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas

by Kevin Ross - Posted Thursday, October 24th, 2013. Category: DJ Contest 2013

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Category: DJ Contest 2013

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Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas’s Bio…

Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas Lorenzo can be heard on Miami s WEDRs 99 Jamz! “Rockin on the Radio” during the coveted 2- 6pm time slot. His show called The Afternoon Jump-Off has dominated in the ratings for years. Known for his unique vocal quality and engaging personality, Lorenzo loves is audience. For some he is that crazy family member doing the “Wobble Wobble”, to others he is the best friend you never had, for some of his female fans he is the hot date that picks them up at 2 pm. You know Lorenzo Loves the Ladies and the Ladies Love Lorenzo. Monday – Friday, 2pm to 6pm it’s nothing but energy coming through your speakers to get his audience through the day. Interacting with your audience is so important, my fans need to know just how much I love and appreciate them.

In the Court of Consummate Performers and Air Jocks, Lorenzo “Ice Tea” Thomas continues to reign supreme in Miami with a #1 rating in his time slot. Extremely versatile, and a jack of all trades, radio, television, theater, film, nightlife, and the fashion industry has garnered a consistent and unrivaled love from his listeners and friends. Lorenzo loves what he does, “this career which has enabled me to formulate friendship all over country” from several markets such as Richmond, Norfolk, Baltimore, Washington DC and Miami has been embraced everywhere I have worked. It’s hard to imagine receiving the love that Thomas has received and not being a native, but in a city that has been the home of so many greats, the Miami audience is no stranger to talent, making Thomas an obvious candidate for the embrace this competitive market, and he maintains #1 status. Thomas has been # 1 18-34 for 3 consecutive years and holds down 18 – 49 by 3 shares. He also ranks number # 2 25-54 in his time slot.

Run your mouse across the pie chart and the bar chart to see the names of those getting the most votes so far… LIKES, SHARES and TWEETS count as an ADDITIONAL .5 points or 1/2 vote each. Contest ends November 25, 2013. The top 3 people with the most votes, likes, shares and tweets combined will win.

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