KEVSUM: Urban Radio and the Election/Radio Facts Award Nominees/Tom Joyner

Kevin Ross | Posted Thursday, September 6th, 2012 - Category: URBAN

 width=Greetings fans … so many exciting things coming your way pertaining to Radio Facts. Let me mention a few here:

Urban Radio and the Election 2012

I’m not seeing a lot of action pertaining to the election from urban radio. Then again, with my hectic schedule, I’m not looking (lol). We will be posting political info in Radio Facts for the next few months so keep your eyes open. Radio Facts is very interested in knowing what urban radio stations are doing nationwide to help drive voters to the polls. While there are few community affairs shows left in the urban radio arena, we are also interested in knowing what these shows are doing and we’d like to run the segments on Radio Facts if possible. Please forward any and all radio information pertaining to the election to

Radio Facts Nominees for The Radio Facts Urban Radio and Industry Awards

I’ve been meeting all week with certain industry people from all walks of the industry to help us formulate the very first online awards for Urban Radio and the Music Industry The Radio Facts Urban Radio and Industry Awards. We have decided on some of the categories:

  • Top Three Urban Radio PDs Urban and Urban AC, Major, Medium and Small Markets.
  • Best Urban Radio Afternoon Drive Shows
  • Best Midday Shows
  • Best Evening Shows
  • Best Production Directors
  • Best Mix Jocks
  • Best Syndicated Shows
  • Best Independent Labels
  • Best Independent Artists
  • Best New Artist (major)
  • Best New Artist (Independent)
  • Best Gospel Shows
  • Best GMs
  • Imaging
  • Best Radio Company/Corporations

Some of the names that have been constantly repeatedly (even before the contest begins) are: Reggie Rouse, KJ Holiday, Teri Avery, Derrick Brown, George Cook, Hurricane Dave, Skip Dillard and a several more as Nominees. We will be releasing our list of Nominees within the next couple of weeks and you can email me to add possible names to the list. GO HERE TO ADD POTENTIAL NOMINEES for consideration.

Tom Joyner Family Reunion

Congrats to Tom Joyner on the Family Reunion. I have heard nothing but great things about it and I’ve sent him an email to congratulate him (hey, I’m growing what can I say).

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