KEVSUM: Tom Joyner WHAT?/Black Owned Station Strike

Kevin Ross | Posted Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 - Category: Industry News, URBAN

 width=Greetings RF family.

I’m really good with these titles aren’t I? Makes you want to click the links, right? Be my guest. I’m sitting at Starbucks with my 711 Coffee. Perhaps I am wrong for this but why should I pay $3.00 for the SAME coffee that I can get from 711 for $1.50 in this economy? That extra $1.50 adds up to $30.00 in savings a month. I actually only drink coffee once a week but you get my pernt.   I heard this old man say that during a conversation one day and it stuck… so now “point” is “pernt.”

After a long weekend of homework, I’m getting ready for my maniac workout. If you are fat I don’t have a problem with that, it just does not work for me. To date, I have lost about eight big ass pots of pure bull grease that I gained in Atlanta.   Soweeee.   Snort. It feels SO MUCH BETTER not to be a sloppy fat ass pig-beast or a hoverround circus mammoth on a never-ending buffet hunt.

I will be the first to admit, I am the WORST morning person… and am I the only one that can’t stand to see unattractive people first thing in the morning? I know that sounds so shallow but I do live in LA. Ugly people should just not leave the house until at least 1pm. It’s just too much for the world to deal with before then. OK on to the titties I mean TITLES.

 width=T is for Tits?

Tom Joyner had a very successful Disney event and we didn’t get the pictures or any press on it. Give me a moment to feel bad. OK I’m back. I hear from a very good source that Tom’s people are not pleased with some of the things I have written about him. I hear the same thing from Steve Harvey’s people…. Give me a moment to ask myself… if I care…. I don’t.   Tom’s folks sent his info to Radio Ink and I like the publisher Eric Rhoads so I have no complaints about him but I’ve written good things about Tom and Steve and I actually respect them both, I’d just like to see them open the doors to some younger brothers who have an interest in the industry.   If that makes them pissed at me then so be it.

Get Rid of It

After the WTMP and WBLS situations this month, it appears it’s just not a good idea to leave the radio station to family (I’m really not trying to be funny, but then again, it’s a great punch line isn’t it?). I mean radio is not one of those industries that you can leave to your children to run if they don’t know what they are doing and they have not established the right relationships. Radio is an industry that requires a LOT of passion, headaches, racism, mental illnesses, the ability to do 20 jobs at once and miniscule paychecks (in Urban) so if your privileged children who have reaped the benefit of your blood, sweat and tears with their ivy league educations   can’t handle running a station, sell that shit before you croak. To hell with being dedicated to the black community. Sell that shit to whoever offers you the most damn money. It’s better to get the money and do what you want to do with it then to let your kids bury what it took you a lifetime to build.   On the other hand, if the kids are smart, once the parent dies, THEY should sell the station(s) if they know they can’t handle it.