KEVSUM: Sylvia Rhone/Steve Harvey/PD Contest/Motown Play/Dr Dre

Kevin Ross | Posted Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 - Category: Industry News, URBAN

 width=Greetings RF family. I have to admit, balancing a full schedule at school, working out everyday like a maniac, selling real estate, doing the blog and some other things happening in my world is making me think perhaps I should put the PD contest on hold till the end of the year. While the votes are coming in, I think November would be a better time for the contest, don’t you? I’m thinking about it and will let you now soon in the meantime, you can vote here and the current votes will remain if we move the contest.

So Dr. Dre just sold half of his company Beats Electronic whose ownership he shares with Jimmy Iovine and Universal Interscope for a whopping $309 Million. Is that company even 2 years old? I knew Dre had his own headphones but I was unaware that he also owned a stake of other artists’ headphones what a BRILLIANT marketing move. Iovine has to be one of the most brilliant marketing minds in the business.   Sources informed me that initially Dre was not interested but Iovine convinced him to take part.   When I look at Dre, Tyler Perry, Jay Z, Steve Harvey I realize they do something that most celebrities (and radio people) don’t… MARKET PRODUCT. I can’t help but to think what a sad shame it is that urban radio people are not allowed to market themselves so the greedy ass corporations can keep all the glory (and money) to themselves preventing radio people from prospering financially. Can you imagine how much money urban radio people could be making with side gigs?   If today’s urban radio people knew how black DJs lived in the 60s and 70s, promoting concerts, being artists themselves, selling their own accounts, programming their own shows etc, they’d be pissed. THAT was the heyday of urban radio when DJs were stars and unfortunately way before my time too.   I wish I could find an old ass black DJ to tell me how it really was back then I would love to hear more.

I hear Berry Gordy is working on a huge Motown play. I met Mr. Gordy once and told him his A&R dept was interested in signing me in the mid 80s (this is true). I would have LOVED to have seen my name Kevin Ross on Motown records and dreamed of it as a kid. Mr. Gordy is one of the FEW people in the industry I TRULY have the utmost respect for (besides all Radio Facts clients, hey love those who believe in you). He stepped back put his hand on his chin and stared at me as if I was a crystal ball. I later discovered that he is such a genius that he did that with all potential talent to determine where they would fit best. Had I known that then I would have asked him what he concluded but I feared he might have said the Motown janitor (lol). I had no idea what the hell he was doing. I was just beyond honored to be in his presence and that I got “the look” from such a legend.   Hindsight is 20/20 and I can tell you had I been a singer, I would have been successful but very troubled. I know I could not have handled that kind of pressure and would have cussed the wrong person(s) out and told them to go F their grandmother (lol). I also probably would have ended up some kind of substance addict. I still LOVE to sing tho.

Drake’s diss of Sylvia Rhone, at of ALL PLACES the BMI Awards (was she there?) was simply the result of post early success and a premature inflated ego. The way he said it was sincere and yet a bit conniving. That was not meant for public consumption and was a bad move politically. I’m glad it wasn’t Cathy Hughes he dissed, she may have SEVERELY punished him by continuing to play his records but by putting him on the cover of The Frequency. Metamorphic rags to riches celebrity success is not promised and there have been MANY recording artists who have experienced the “sophomore jinx.” He should have kept his mouth shut until at LEAST the 3rd album (l0l). I like Drake and I like Sylvia, I hope it all works out .

Well radio is quiet as it has been all year so not much to report on that.

We’ll talk soon

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