KEVSUM: Steve Harvey Radio Replacements/The Sky is Falling/Radio in 2014/Holiday Music Psycho

Kevin Ross | Posted Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 - Category: Industry News, URBAN

Steve Harvey

Greeting RF fans… as we wind down for the holiday break I wanted to run a few things past you. First I have to congratulate Steve Harvey again on his meticulous and savvy brand building ability that has created his growing entertainment empire. I have the utmost respect for black entrepreneurs because I KNOW it’s NOT easy.

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Let me state first and foremost we are not saying that Steve Harvey has resigned from his position as host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show… YET… but industry insiders are confident it’s coming. Steve does not appear to be the kind of person to just leave without planning a replacement and an industry executive and I were talking this past week about possible replacements. He thinks Nephew Tommy can replace Steve. I don’t see that. Nephew Tommy is good but I don’t think he has the background to carry that show and maintain the ratings. I think he can start his OWN show and build it and get good results but stranger things have happened. The show must have a replacement that has the same or better magnitude of celebrity… Jamie Foxx can do it if he can dedicate himself and he would be the perfect fit to replace Steve and to get Rickey Smiley alert and competing. I booked for Rickey Smiley‘s show in the beginning FOR FREE when he had very few stations and no A-list celebrities were interested in appearing. The offers that came in for guests were people who AUDITIONED for American Idol wanting to promote their local CD (lol). Once Rickey took off, Yolanda Starks, who I am told has no background in artist management, took over as the booker and now I hear Rickey has fired his long time manager and replaced him with Yolanda. So much for the ex manager’s brand building (lol).   It’s time to shake up the syndication industry with some new exciting blood and it’s almost unfortunate that Steve will be allegedly exiting because Tom Joyner has not been in the news since (David Ruffin left the Temptations) he asked listeners to vote for Obama because he is black.

Is radio prepared for Steve’s inevitable alleged departure…? Is urban radio ever prepared for anything? Innovation seems to have died with personality DJs in urban radio when we CONTROLLED the dial and other formats followed us. Damn, I don’t like what I just said…

The Sky is Falling…

I don’t ever want to be one of those old irrelevant radio or industry people that talks about the way things were… pushing dead antiquated ideas and concepts about how we need to go BACK to certain things. That is just pitiful. I rather be old and laughing at the crazy things I DID when I was young while I am STILL creative and financially set. Have you noticed that the people who live in the past are not working in today’s industry or if they are they are struggling? Who cares about the way things were? People who talk about the way things WERE don’t fit into the way things ARE which is why they live in the past. Shut up, Wake up and Move up. No matter how old you are there is SOMETHING that you can do to make money but it’s not living in the past. Today’s record promoter can’t promote a record by The Supremes and a 60-year-old jock can’t do afternoon drive at a hip hop station FACE IT… it’s time to MOVE OUT, MOVE UP or MOVE ON. OK, I’m talking about a specific conversation I had with a once well-known industry person this past week. I ran into him while taking care of some business in Hollywood and by the time he got through depressing me with how the industry USED to be, I wanted to do a kick-ball-chain off the nearest roof. I try to listen and have sympathy but damn not to the point where it drains me. I like to give my charity by feeding the homeless for the holidays, I can’t feed the brain dead every day.

Perhaps it seems a bit harsh but let’s face it, we must all limit ourselves to having any conversations with anyone in, out or around the industry about the way things USED to be. No remaining, relevant and innovative industry person has the time for the woe-is-me-isms or help-the-sky-is-falling crap. I’ll take a payday over a heyday ANYTIME. I’m a true entrepreneur and memories don’t pay mortgages.

Radio in 2o14

I predict within the next two years this will happen to commercial radio…. internet and streaming radio will EXPLODE and become hugely popular and commercial radio will be forced to compete in the best way it can. The only relevant shifts will be mornings and afternoons at urban and we all know mornings are already heavily syndicated. I predict Steve and Tom Joyner will retire from radio which will open the door for new talent because neither can really be replaced and urban radio will rethink morning syndication, branding and lost revenue and start hiring local talent. All other shifts will be voice-tracked or automated. The EXACT same thing happened to magazines and newspapers. Had anyone told the major newspapers five years ago they would have to share their advertising revenue with blogs they would have laughed. Remember when Entertainment Tonight was the premiere show business news show? Now TMZ, which started as a blog has taken over with an online presence and innovation that leaves Entertainment Tonight antiquated and a show for 90 year old retirement home ladies. PREPARE…

Radio’s biggest mistake is there is no fresh, new innovated blood. This is a problem across the board in all formats. All the decision makers for a youth-driven industry are over 50. Where are the new corporate radio stars? Nowhere to be found for the last 20 years. This is going to cost commercial radio dearly in the next two years.

Holiday Music

I absolutely HATE Christmas music and I hate the fact that it is forced down my throat for two months no matter where I go. My dislike for the same songs sung Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over by different artists came from working at the deservedly defunct KACE in Los Angeles, one of the worst (and now best) radio jobs I ever had. The PD hated me and I was scheduled to work six hour shifts in the middle of all the holidays (lol). I won’t go into detail but this particular former radio PD did me a HUGE favor and he doesn’t even know it… so it all worked out but I STILL HATE Christmas music.

Have a great Turkey Day

Kev Ross