KEVSUM: Presidential Debate, Urban Radio “Dumb?” PD Contest, Steve Harvey, Nicki Minaj

Kevin Ross | Posted Thursday, October 4th, 2012 - Category: URBAN

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The Debate…

Not sure if you got to see the debate last night. I have to admit I was stunned at how the usually responsive, savvy and alert President Omaba was incredibly lackadaisical almost unprepared in his responses. President Obama had a ton of opportunities to put Romney in check and he did not. I can certainly understand that President Obama probably had to be very cognisant, as he has had to be for his entire administration, not to point out many obvious things that have taken place like the Republicans outrageous refusal to work with him on anything (for obvious reasons) pre election but when Romney pointed out that it was Obama’s fault, insinuating that HE was not willing to work with Republicans, it pissed me off. I was very disappointed because President Obama KNOWS that this is Romney’s last chance to correct a horrid reputation amongst voters and the odds are currently for another term for him. Nevertheless, I have faith that our President will come back into the ring prepared for the next debate with the ammunition that he needs to nail Romney and expose him for who he really is. I have to admit it was the first time Romney actually had my attention where I was able to listen to him without the innate distrust I have had for him from gate. He was very confident, almost convincing and extremely prepared.   He has had the right people on his team this time to coach him but it’s not over yet. As I don’t have the time to listen to all the urban radio stations around the country I have to admit I am concerned that this subject is not being and will not be properly discussed on a local level. Several of my radio contacts have expressed the same dismay with one PD stating “Kev you know these niggas on the air are too dumb to talk about Presidential Debates” (ouch). Please correct him by letting me know this is NOT true.

Steve Harvey…

You have probably noticed I have really lightened up on Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner. The reason is, it seems urban radio people don’t care and many of you are simply trying to keep your jobs, I get that but as a true radio vet I had a slight hope that some of us would be able to slip through the cracks and have a chance at stardom but it does not appear to be an option unless we get OUT of radio. For those of us who have driven broken down cars to work or had to deal with extremely negative and bitter mom and pop owners back in the day who were determined to destroy us before we could succeed it’s bittersweet to see someone like Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner succeed because the door of opportunity is not open for urban radio people and it never really has been only a lucky few have done it. WBLS in New York gave birth to many industry celebrities like Frankie Croker, Wendy Williams and Egypt but that was because the Sutton’s and WBLS’ PDs did not get in the way of black radio announcer’s ability to shine and succeed. I would think that started with Crocker’s tenure as PD where he stepped way outside the box and did things PDs won’t even do TODAY. I will continue to support urban radio people from this end but I’m glad Harvey was able to use our arena to gain massive success. I just wish true urban radio people had half the chance as well but that’s a whole editorial. Let me end by saying, no station should hire a PD who is less talented than the staff. I have worked for at least one situation like that here in LA and it destroyed the station.

Nicki Minaj

I absolutely despise the word “Diva” it’s so incredibly overused and it now has a reputation for being the code word for a woman who is demanding, almost evil and crude when the actual meaning is simply a female singer. You will never see me use that word in this blog as it is banned. Nicki Minaj’s incredible disrespect for Mariah Carey’s industry legacy was repulsive. Carey is an amazing talent who has weathered the industry storm and she has been an incredible businesswoman who has written most of her hit songs and she has always made a very strong attempt and being a classy woman (with a few failures) for her more than 20 year career.. Nicki Minaj wears pink wigs. There is absolutely no comparison. I can’t watch shows like Idol and their massive line-up changes will ultimately bury the show but that video of Minaj threatening Carey was tasteless, disrespectful crap.

The Radio Facts Contest for PDs

I came up with this contest because Programmers not only DESERVE to be recognized by a reliable and legitimate industry source, they have asked me to do it and I can see how popular our contests are. Radio Facts is an incredible unmatched (but often copied) industry source that I am very proud of but the politics of dealing with radio corporations are often overwhelming. I am grateful for my incredible creative talent because I could not still be doing RF without it. It’s an incredible challenge to come up with ways to work around corporate bullshit to be a source but I have been able to manage it well. Nevertheless, I sense trades will have a hard time surviving in the future which is why I have a problem with Radio One’s Frequency. Corporations should not do trade publications. Those who are willing to fight and speak up for what’s right who are independent radio PEOPLE, experienced in the format should be doing industry trades.   I make that rule because I am a pro at doing radio industry trades and very few can claim that.

Doing this contest allows Radio Facts to show its strength in the urban radio community by honoring ALL urban radio PDs without being motivated by money and pimping out the PDs names to get the contest started. Just because an urban PD works in a major market doesn’t mean other PDs don’t deserve recognition. I do this because in my entire 27 year industry career I have never received one single award nor have I been honored in any way. Truth be told, I could care less, just pay me and respect my value.   I know it’s only because I don’t work for a major corporation. Give me some shit based on TRUTH don’t put me on a pedestal because I can make your organization money but you won’t take my calls when I’m not working (lol). I will (and do) reward my DAMN self but I won’t be in the industry and not return the favor to those who work in the trenches everyday and deserve to be recognized.   I can already see this contest is going to be HUGE. Vote HERE