KEVSUM: KUDOS to iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel), Republican Racists Emerge, Congrats to Colby Colb

Kevin Ross | Posted Thursday, November 8th, 2012 - Category: URBAN

iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel)iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) Changes…

I NEVER and I mean NEVER thought I would be giving iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) credit for something but I am, KUDOS to the media giant for doing the right thing and removing those misleading billboards to prevent Black and Latino voters from voting stating that voter fraud is a crime. I would be hard-pressed to think Mitt Romney‘s camp didn’t either have something to do with the billboards or took part in the campaign as CCM didn’t reveal but the corporation took responsibility for breaking their own rules and they took the Billboards down.

Colby Colb and Radio One

KUDOS to Colby Colb and Radio One for their unprecedented coverage and support of the President Obama campaign. Of Course OHIO was an incredibly important market but what a great addition to one’s resume and tenure “Helped President Obama win the 2012 Election.” Colby did a great interview with the POTUS and his station was the ONLY radio station.. THE ONLY one that made sure we got news of their presidential coverage.

Racists Emerge…

Have you seen and heard what some of the conservative pundits have been saying about the election? Just downright RACIST. I hate it when white people act like racism doesn’t exist in this country but I take a shit on the spot when BLACK people say it doesn’t exist. For the life of me, who you vote for is your choice but I cannot understand black or ethnic republicans. Mitt Romney‘s concede was made to a sea of white men. The Republican party has finally admitted they are considered racist and out of touch with a majority of Americans and they are right. They have to close shop and revamp that party, starting wit asking the Bloated Boar Rush Limbaugh to stop speaking on their behalf and pulling the plug on racist ass Fox News.