KEVSUM: Industry Picnic/Tony Q/Vesta’s Funeral/The Frequency

Kevin Ross | Posted Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 - Category: Industry News, URBAN

 width=Greeting friends. I went to the industry picnic over the weekend and it was great to see so many industry people. There was one part where they read off the entire and I mean ENTIRE list of industry people on the urban side who have died and it kind of changed the tune of the picnic for me but I was able to bounce back. There were a couple of names missing and they told us that we could put any missing names on the list but I did not have a chance to add Tre Black, Nate Quick and the man who gave me my first gig in radio Byron Pitts. I truly do miss the days of Jack the Rapper and the Urban Network conference but I have concluded those days are gone but I am SO eternally grateful that I was able to be a part of the LAST generation of industry people who saw the industry in that light. I really think iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) and Radio One cheat their employees out of a great experience by making them ONLY attend events that cater to the corporation. We work in the media and promotions business once you go on the air your listeners are not restricted so why should your employees be?

Tony Q and Tyrese

Tony Q scores from last week’s Tyrese debacle. Tyrese has been in many smash hit movies and if he is not demanding at LEAST 3 million for certain franchise movies, he has the wrong team.   Perhaps it’s time to let the music rest until he can FULLY focus on promotion. If I was a major movie star who was once a singer and now that I’m a singer my music still requires promotion and I had to do a tour and go to places like Delaware to promote, I’d be pissed too. Willmington, Delaware is a LONG way from the Cannes Film Fest or a big Hollywood premiere. Nevertehless, Tony Q scored HUGE by Tyrese’s frustration. How often would Tony’s station get press from TMZ and the hundreds of other sites and blogs he was on for that week. I love that there is at least ONE station that still talks to the press and is not afraid to speak their mind. People like Tony Q make a very boring industry exciting. I have noticed that Radio One is sending out press releases again. I am SHOCKED… I don’t want to speak too soon. Now if we can only get iHeartmedia (formerly Clear Channel) on board and if the trades can interview PDs, star DJs and GMs again that would make it even better. Radio One people have got to be bored shitless reading the company “buy-an-ad-or-we’ll-drop-your-record” magazine The Frequency. Great layout… that’s about it. Can we get some REAL news in that thing.

It’s a rainy day in LA. It always seems to be like this when there is a funeral. I’ve decided not to attend Vesta’s funeral. I want to remember her like the last time I saw her.

Have a great week