KEVSUM: How Do we Bounce Back from a Fake Death Notice?/Shutting down for Christmas

Kevin Ross | Posted Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 - Category: URBAN

 data-recalc-dims=The other day a good friend told me a horrible yet incredibly funny story about someone going to see Graham Armstrong and upon entering his room he was gone and someone else was there in another bed in his place. At that point the woman asked where he was and was told by one of the hospital workers “Sorry for your loss.” You know how we are, I’m sorry, especially black women and you know how we act up at a moment like this. Hollerin’ calling Jesus, hangin’ on to the wall, doing flips and rollin’ on the floor. Only to find out it was a mistake and the information is WRONG? How in the hell do you bounce back from that? You have nervously started calling people to tell them the news and even post it on FaceBook and now you have to retract it? As this woman was probably on her knees gathering the contents of her purse she was wildly swinging a few minutes earlier, she probably has to ask one of the nurses “Baby, can you hand me my wig piece over there in the corner and where is my other shoe? Is that it in the hallway? This is a MISTAKE we NEVER make in the black community. I’m surprised this woman didn’t beat that worker’s ass.   Can you imagine being in that same situation? Thank God, Graham is hanging in there but I had to laugh at this. We’ll be shutting down operations for Christmas starting this Friday until Jan 2, this if for   MUCH needed vacation.   If some important news breaks I will post.