KEVSUM: “5 Days To Raise” Thanks again, Red Tails Movie, RF Update, Steve Harvey Countdown

by Kevin Ross - Posted Thursday, January 12th, 2012. Category: Industry News, URBAN

Well the year is off to somewhat of a slow start except for all the radio news in Philly. It’s always good to see people GET jobs.   I wanted to extend a final thank you for those that contributed to my last minute campaign “5 Days to Raise” Everyone received their financial gift and there were many very sad stories that went along with the endless thanks. We went over the $1500.00 goal and were able to help even more people and I can honestly say the whole situation had a profound effect on me. It’s incredibly rewarding to take your mind off of yourself every now and then and help others. Thanks, thanks and thanks again. We will do the campaign again at the end of the year.

 width=I have a whole new respect for George Lucas and I’ve never been a Star Wars fan. When an uber powerful white male movie maker comes out and talks about the racism in Hollywood it’s a shock because its so incredibly rare, most of them don’t want to talk about it because they think it will have an affect on their careers or perhaps they could care less, who knows, but when you’ve made movies like Star Wars… you really don’t have a whole lot to lose. At any rate, he admitted it took him over 20 years to get this film done because the studios continuosly refused to fund a picture with an all black cast. The film cost 53 Million to make which is considered a huge budget for an all black cast and Lucas is concerned that he may have put all future black movie makers on blast. If this film fails the Hollywood machine will have proof of the jaded research they’ve been touting for decades about no audiences for black movies. Lucas gave Tyler Perry credit for his films but as he stated Perry has great but limited success and it’s time for a major blockbuster black film.   I’m urging you to support this movie.

Steve Harvey   I’m predicting Steve will either cut way back on hosting his radio show or he will leave this year. Time will tell. I also think Tom Joyner and Michael Baisden will   be in interesting positions in the coming months as well. I’m hearing a comedian‘s name constantly mentioned to be the new urban radio syndicated star, I don’t know what that means, well, actually I do, I just can’s say friends. In addition at least one corporation is rethinking local morning shows in a few markets.

Finally, I have a lot of great surprises coming this year for the blog as we move in a new direction. Starting off with the Top 10s which derived from the extremely popular radio contests we’ve been doing for over a year now. The Top 10s will be on various subjects of interest to our audience. We are also expanding our review section so please forward all materials for review to the address below and finally we are most interested in new industry deals so please make sure we get all of your press releases on that.   There’s more but I’ll hold off on that for now. Thanks again

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