KEVIN’S SUMMARY: Dead Radio, Fried Chicken, Lazy Folks and Ugly People?

by Kevin Ross - Posted Thursday, January 13th, 2011. Category: Industry News, URBAN

 width=Greetings Friends,
I have a few questions that baffle me and I was wondering if you could help me to understand…

Does Anybody Listen to Radio Anymore?
I have to admit, working in the field and seeing how much radio and the music industry has drastically changed over the last decade has me baffled. I don’t listen to syndicated morning shows and here in Los Angeles we pretty much only have KJLH as an urban and they have Steve Harvey in the morning so I opt out and listen to talk radio instead. I have a need to be intellectually stimulated. Is that wrong?

According to PPM, urban radio across the board in most states is doing good to great but day in and day out no matter where I go or what I do, I rarely, if ever hear other people play a radio station. If I’m in the car with other people, they don’t listen unless it’s talk, Sirius and/or XM or their own recorded music. I have not heard anyone play radio in their homes in YEARS. I don’t hear it in stores, parks the gym. I don’t hear it anywhere. OK, on occasion, I have heard people playing a station at a VERY low volume in certain offices and I suspect that people are still playing it during rush hour to and from work and perhaps we spend more time in the car during that time since parents today are opting to take their kids to and from school instead of putting them on a bus but I am still baffled. Do YOU listen to radio anymore. If so who and when?

Is a person who has not worked in a year just lazy and using the economy as an excuse or are they really having a hard time finding a job?
How is it that some people lose their job and within a few weeks have another job, even in this economy before they get their first unemployment check? There are some people who are of the thinking that when you need money that you will do ANYTHING, mop floors, clean toilets and change diapers… including kid’s diapers too. However, some settle for sending useless resumes online instead of boldly walking into a business picking up a broom and just start working and worrying about meeting the manager later to ask if he is even hiring. What do you think? Are people who have not worked in a year lazy or are they really having a hard time finding a job?

What do you do if while working intently at Starbucks, you look up and see an extremely unattractive person staring at you? Is it wrong to express your disgust?

The other day, I was working intently on a book I have been trying to get finished for months at Starbucks and I looked up to take a break and a woman who was a dead ringer for a goat was staring at me. Truth be told she scared the sh… out of me and I think her face made my lungs collapse. I stopped breathing for about 15 seconds from shock. My face has always been the purveyor of truth for what my mind is thinking and I looked at her like I was chewing on 3 lemons with an expression that begged “Just what are you?” She looked away and wandered off into the field in search of other livestock to befriend.   Was I wrong?

Why do we settle for less than we deserve?
Is it low self worth or being stuck in a situation that we feel we can’t get out of that prevents us from truly doing what we want and deserve to do? For the most part we get in our own way. Have you ever noticed that the people who achieve the least are the ones who give the MOST advice? Successful people tell their story via their success, they say very little and do much more. So I’m not giving anymore advice in 2011.

Why is Fried Chicken so damn good?
In my day, lawd, I’ve come across some great fried chicken. Now that I am a vegetarian, I keep having visions of fried chicken and who made the BEST. I’m having post vegetarian Fried Chicken withdrawal symptoms. When I was a kid my mother made us eat healthy and I don’t think I ever recall her frying chicken… not once. There is a good chance this was abuse. A black child denied fried chicken by his parents is cruel and inhumane treatment and studies show it can have a negative psychological effect for decades.   However, I remember other people using Crisco and brown grocery store bags to make fried chicken. My mother’s friend Laura chain smoked Kool cigarettes and she had a voice like James Earl Jones because of it. When you met her, you would have thought she was transgendered when she talked but she could make fried chicken in her sleep. I recall her standing over the stove with a cigarette in one hand while she leaned to the side with the phone nestled between her shoulder and her face and the phone cord wrapped around her as she gently poked and turned the chicken with a fork with her other hand. The smell of that chicken was enough to make me want to reach my bare hands right into that hot grease to get a piece. That was the BEST chicken I ever had. I have not had chicken like that in years. Have you?   Who has made the BEST fried chicken you have ever had?

Who programs the music in Starbucks..
The coffee is great (twice a week at the most) and I love the atmosphere sometimes but the music is HORRIFIC. What deaf, dumb and mute person picks this extreme crap? It makes the experience short term as you can’t wait to leave BUT perhaps that is their intent. They don’t want you hanging out for more than 30 minutes so they play music that makes you leave? The good news is ANYONE can make a record according to their selection of people who sing like they are in constant pain.