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How to Become the NEXT Steve Harvey…


 width=Let me start off by saying we actually like Steve Harvey but if you think you can be the next Steve Harvey in urban radio we’ve got some bad news for you… HOWEVER all is NOT lost… following these tips may help you reach your destiny nonetheless. Some of you are sitting at home (especially those working in Urban Radio) wondering how can I become the next Steve Harvey. The corporation does not seem to notice me. Well first and foremost, LEAVE urban radio. If you are waiting for an opportunity to spring up while you work in urban radio and continue to get older you are more than likely wasting a LOT of time. Go and do something else, see where you can utilize your broadcasting experience and make more money then come back later when you have more leverage so that YOU can call the shots. Oh but now you might be too old, never mind.   Just know that you will NEVER and I mean NEVER get rich working in urban radio. You will ALWAYS make a living only but you can certainly take the EXPERIENCE and run. Here are some more tips that may (or may not) bring you closer to Harveydom… Good luck… (click “Next” above or below)


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