Foxy Brown Troubles: Lawyer Quits in Court

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Foxy Brown’s troubles continue as the rapper now must face assault charges from another case where she allegedly spit on a beauty shop owner. In a shocking turn of events
Brown’s lawyer up and quit on her Wednesday after she tried to negotiate a plea deal in the assault case in court. Having been convicted of a probation violation, Foxy received a happy homecoming from Riker’s just last week but when she reportedly tried to directly negotiate a plea with the prosecutor, her lawyer got upset and quit. She now has two weeks to find a new lawyer in time for her next court date.
UPDATE: According to The Miami Herald, Brown has accepted a plea deal and will have to serve six months probation, perform 15 hours of community service and write apology letters to the store owner and the employee. Also as part of the deal, Brown will have to enroll in an anger management course and pay court costs and fines.

Brown’s initial lawyer in the case, Fred Haddad, resigned from the case yesterday (April 23) because he didn’t want the Brooklyn bred rapper to take the plea deal and was ready to go to trial.

Due to Haddad’s resignation, Brown was told by a judge to return to court on May 8th with a new lawyer but the rapper promptly found a replacement to take the plea deal.

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