FCC Report on Media Ownership, Radio

by Kevin Ross - Posted Thursday, November 15th, 2012. Category: URBAN


article new ehow images a04 l2 un work radio station 800x800 300x225 FCC Report on Media Ownership, RadioThe FCC Media Ownership Report just came out and there is still an extreme lack of diversity as white men dominate ownership of media outlets. As far as radio: Whites own almost 80% of all AM and FM radio stations, with more than 70% being owned by men.  Media watchdog group Free Press said the data indicates that ownership of “broadcast radio and television stations by women and minorities remains at abysmally low levels.”  The report comes at a time when the FCC is considering further deregulation of its media ownership rules, which many fear could lead to even less diversity of ownership. You can see the entire report here

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