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  1. Mitch Faulkner

    Well Kev, it is all in turmoil at this time, as it relates to Radio and Records.

    Some of us would say that the Artist should go to the folk who they cut a deal with when it comes to how much they get paid. I bought a truck from Dodge about a year ago and I am paying THEM for the truck, now I do not want to get a call from the company that made the seats in my truck for Dodge. If they want more money they (seat company) should talk to Dodge not me right? Same here if you made a deal with Sony Records and you do not get enough money go to Sony. Sony sent us your music for free so we will play it and you will sell records and concert tickets because of the airplay Right?

    I cut spots for a living, I charge a client 500.00 for a concert spot and find out that the promoter grossed 500,000.00 on the show, can I go back to him and say hey you grossed 500,000.00 on the show that my voice promoted can you give me about 50,000.00 of your money? NO

    This is really a complicated conversation, and the folk representing the Artist, like BMI, ASCAP, Sound Exchange etc. are all entities that claim to be non profit. But why is it they they Have not or did not make better deals up front on how the Aritst, Performers, Producers, writers etc will get paid.

    In America if you have a bad business model do you go to Congress to work it out! Companies go out of Business each day because of inability to compete or they made bad deals, but they do not go to congress to fix it.

    All these folk should go in a room and work it out!

    Do I think Artist should be paid fairly! Yes

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