Colby Colb Interviews President Obama

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 width=Radio One Cleveland Operation Manager and Afternoon Host Colby “Colb” Tyner Interviews President Barak Obama!

Cleveland, OH- “It was such a blessing to get a few minutes with the POTUS, he has some great things to say plus his choice of favorite song gives him extra cool points,” says Tyner. President Obama speaks to Ohio voters about why he is the best person to serve the American people as President in 2013.

POTUS On the debate Tuesday:
Hopefully people saw…that I’m determined to fight on behalf of middle class families, and Governor Romney’s just got a different vision of how we do that.

POTUS On What He’s Most Excited About Accomplishing During Second Term:
A couple things. Number one, I want to bring manufacturing jobs back to Ohio and back to the United States. Number two, I want to make sure we have the best education system in the world.

POTUS On How He Deals With Negative Press/Attention:
You got to [have] thick skin to be President, and running for president. Everyday I meet somebody who says ‘thank you, my child now has health insurance and didn’t have it before,’ or ‘thank you, I was able to study at a community college and now I’ve got a job even though I didn’t have one before,’ or ‘thank you, you helped me to save my home from foreclosure.’ And when you remember every single day who you’re fighting for, and who you’re representing, then you really don’t worry too much about some of the stuff that goes on in Washington.

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