Black Comments Attack Tyler Perry’s Success so a White Man Defines “Black People logic”

by Kevin Ross - Posted Monday, December 16th, 2013. Category: URBAN

A White Man’s Definition of “Black People logic”

LogicGarnetA video segment on World Star Hip Hop talked about Tyler Perry’s success and his new Christmas movie. The piece described Perry as a man who was once homeless and now he’s worth $400 million dollars. What’s most interesting is no matter what you think of Perry’s movies… his technique,  ability  and business acumen is nothing less than astounding. In addition, he keeps black actors working more than any other movie studio. Perry is opening doors for blacks in show business. Shouldn’t he be commended for that? Apparently not, even though he literally built his empire by himself. The comments (from black men especially) following the segment on WSHH were brutal. The positive comments were often trumped by the slew of severe attacks on Perry’s writing, success and perceived sexuality. Then I came across an interesting comment from a white man, centered in the barrage of attacks from Perry’s own black community, it seemed pale in comparison yet interesting because for the first time, it DIDN’T stand out in as much as a negative way as it would have had it been the sole comment. This comment almost faded into the background but had this been the ONLY comment, it would have IMMEDIATELY been perceived as racist.  We’re remaining neutral and letting YOU state what you think of this statement. Allow me to say,  I have heard BLACK people actually say some of these things too. Your thoughts?

This writer goes by the name of “Weeg.” We did some editing to remove some terms we don’t post in RF. Your thoughts?

1) calling each other ni$%as is acceptable

2) violence is amusing

3) black women love rappers who call them hoes and bitches.

4) A black man takes a black woman’s dignity by pissing on her as a black crowd cheers him on.

5) A black man being killed by the police or a white man is NEVER justifiable

6) Black on black crimes are ok. Black on white crimes are ok. White on black crimes are racist.

7) Blacks always jump to conclusions when race is involved and before facts surface.

8) Blacks turn everything into a race issue

9) when the facts surface and blacks who jumped to conclusions were wrong they never mention it again. Remember Rachel Jeantel

10) A black educated person is acting “white” or is an Uncle Tom.

11) Black People will sell drugs in their own neighborhoods then turn around and blame the white man for driving out businesses out of cities like Detroit.

12) Black People will have kids out of wedlock and raise kids in single parent homes and then expect the American taxpayers to provide for them. If tax payers complain they call it racism.

13) They find it hilarious and good parenting when a 5 year old gets on camera and curses. But then they get mad when he grows up and behaves like a ni$#er and in turn is called one

14) It’s ok to have a full blown LOUD conversation in public places were it isn’t appropriate e.g Theatre. But white people beware, if you calmly and politely ask them to be quiet you will likely see a scandalous public chimpout with them calling you racist names. Then when they are asked by management to leave the location you will see them on the 6 0’clock news saying they were kicked out… because they are black.

15) They use the word “Cracka” and don’t know the origin of the word. The word “Cracka” was given to slave masters by slaves because of the sound of the crack of the whip when it was used as a means of punishment for not picking cotton fast enough.

16) When they read #15 they will more than like revert back to incest jokes because they have a limited vocabulary.

17) School is not considered an educational domain. Its a playground for monkeying around and socializing.

18) Black People in the ghetto claim they are broke and that their communities are left in shambles. Yet they are wearing $200 pairs of Jordans and carrying the newest iPhones.

19) They claim white people are the ones who commit beastiality yet they never mention the video that was recently posted of a black man who fu*#ed a goat and got 10 years in prison.

20) Black People use the “Al Sharpton” mentality to blame others for their failures. There isn’t a single person in the world today who can say they have been a slave nor have met a slave owner because they are all dead.

21) Black People don’t want to admit that history shows that black slaves were sold to the white man by other blacks who enslaved their own people

22) Black People usually keep the insults simple with nothing more than one sentence. Its usually because their frontal lobes have not fully developed and never will. Hence the reason they are limited with their ability to write something. They say things like, ” umad cuz yo momma got dat black deek” or ” Cracka you moleste yo kidz and fuk animalz”.

We could not print the other comments as they were extremely profane. Comment below…

  • 6133

    99% of what he said is correct!! we need to sort out our own dirty laundry!!

  • John Smith

    I believe the writer wants thoughts on the racist post that ‘black’ people should respond to. Its the same inaccurate and foolish list that internet racist copy and paste into every news article and youtube video they can to attempt to prove a point. If this were said in public they’d be verbally disarmed with a few short rebuttals. You can make these racist and stereotypical remarks and lists for people of any culture, just because you copy and paste them hundreds of times doesnt mean they are accurate.

    Here’s a better question why is it that anytime a white American person commits any sort of horrendous act, no matter if its molesting children for decades and finally being arrested and jailed, or killing mass people in a public or private setting, there are always stories and witnesses to come forward and define how the suspect, the actual person who committed the horrendous act, was a “nice person, funny person, smart person, good student, sweetest person you could ever be around, so shocked that they would ever do something…etc” every single time. There are always some former friends or family who are baffled that the person did what they did. However when Dontavius Jenkins, or Juan Marcos Padilla, or anyone who isn’t white commits a crime, it’s “That’s what they do. That’s just how they are. Look at where they are from or how they treat their neighborhoods and communities.”

    People act like James Holmes, the kid that shot up Sandy Hook, the kid who just shot his teacher in Colorado, the Columbine Shooters, Jerry Sandusky, the guy who shot Gabrielle Giffords so on and so forth are criminal masterminds that tricked the system and did the unthinkable and fooled the world. No, white people, no fox news, no insert any random or particular news media outlet, they aren’t geniuses, masterminds, its not mental health, its not some bizarre act or twist of fate, these suspects are immoral, irrational, unethical and just bad people. There is no figuring them out, there is no deep seeded reason that they commit the acts they’ve committed. Its just like “the black guy who robs the liquor store instead of getting a job” or “the probably illegal immigrant who broke into the house and killed the homeowner.”

    There are white people who are just bad people. Just like there are black people who are just bad people. Does it mean that all black or whites are bad, no. But if your judging by comment sections in videos and news article it’s a different story.

    People may ask, “Is it worth looking at?” Yes, it is. People don’t go around and kill people in mass numbers everyday. Its not truly common for a person to rob a liquor store. You cant find an article or story where friends and family have protected the character of the liquor store robber, the car thief, the local pedophile.”

    It’s completely possible to investigate the issues and the root causes without protecting/damaging the suspects’ character. JUST REPORT THE FACTS!!!!! It’s this shabby writing that counts as journalism nowadays.

    I can name 5 people who will could say something nice about me if I committed a horrendous act later today, I also know 5 different people who could say “He always is/was a .” Which one comments would the news outlets use? I guess it would depend on my color huh?