Beat DJ Hideo Succumbs to Colon Cance

Written by KevRoss - April 27, 2010 at 12:33 am - Filed Under: Of Interest , URBAN

 width= We are saddened to report that DJ Hideo, 42, succumbed over the weekend to colon cancer.   He discovered the cancer in the stage 4 phase in 2009.   He died at 3:33 pm this past Saturday surrounded by his family. The 42 year old jock left behind his 13 year old daughter. reports that on the day of his death he was still able to post a blog on his site saying that he was checked back into Mission Hospital in Orange Country California because of feeling weak but assured that he has stable vitals. Hideo worked for the Steve Harvey Morning Show and John Salley’s Short-lived Block Party show.

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