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Kevin Ross: Radio and music industry expert with over 20 years experience. Worked in every area of the music industry including: Radio Jock, Program Director, Record Promoter, Magazine Editor, Radio Facts Editor. Creative sketch and paint artist and entrepreneur. My Google + url is: HERE

Industry Man Detained by LAPD: He fit the Description

WHEN YOU “FIT THE DESCRIPTION”! It’s one of those things that you hear about, but never think it would happen to you. On Friday afternoon, August 23rd around 5:20pm, while innocently walking by myself from a restaurant on Wilshire Blvd,…


Four Men Indicted in Death of New Orleans Rapper

Eyewitness News in New Orleans is reporting that McCoy Walker, Rico Jackson, Tyrone Knockum and Terrioues Owney have officially been charged in connection to the murder of New Orleans rappers Renetta “Magnolia Shorty” Lowe and Jerome “Man Man” Hampton. Both…


Goapele Visits KJLH

Singer Goapele visits Los Angeles urban station KJLH. Here is is pictured with KJLH PD Aundre Russell


Radio One Cuts Positions and Salaries

Radio Facts has learned that Radio One unfortunately has recently made several budget cuts by eliminating positions including Gary Bernstein from Syndication One and Hector Hannibal from Reach Media. The company is also said to have made cuts to some…


Industry Radio Vet Dies

Yesterday our organization, Service Broadcasting, the Dallas-Ft. Worth and Bay Area communities, and the radio world at-large lost one of our elite leaders, Michael Erickson. Michael was a proven winner whose passion for developing people and ideas was simply unmatched. Over the years, Michael transformed our business and made all of our team better broadcasters and better human beings,


Are Blacks using Racism as a Scapegoat for our Problems?

In many of the social networks and the yahoo page the comments were flooded with mostly whites and even some blacks who are fed up with the black community constantly looking for a scapegoat for our own problems. Many stated that Michael Brown was a “thug”


Hip Hop Vet Gives 10 Reasons why Hip Hop Artists should Support Ferguson

Why now or why this particular cause, you may be asking. Talib Kweli actually tweeted his 10 reasons why he needed to go to Ferguson, MO as he is slated to arrive in the city on Tuesday. These 10 reasons alone may inspire, encourage, or spark the brain of other hip hop artists to once again become a voice for the voiceless.

joyce sims

LOOK: it’s Joyce Sims with Major Market Programmer

When Joyce Sims teamed up with Kurtis Mantronik (Mantronix) a match made in music heaven was born. She had several hits in the 80s and early 90s then both Kurtis and Joyce pretty much disappeared from the music scene. Kurtis…

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