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Kevin Ross: Radio Facts CEO with over 25 years experience in the Industry. Actor, Voiceover Music industry, Major Market Radio Jock, Program Director, Entrepreneur and more...

Who Will Replace Doug Banks?

The industry has had several shocks this year with the deaths of many notable icons in the music realm and a true icon in the radio arena Doug Banks’ passing was a shock to everyone. At this point as the…


Fantastic Voyage Pics

Having a great time on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise. Saw my friend Kim Whitley and David Arnold last night, hilarious show.  


Yolanda Adams not Returning to Syndicated Show

Gospel singer Yolanda Adams will not be returning as the host of The Yolanda Adams show. Her contract was not renewed for an extension. She was on in close to 40 markets. Sources have informed us that she will be…


WUFO AM Picks up Tom Joyner in Buffalo

Radio Facts has gotten a barrage of complaints from WBLK listeners after the station replaced the Tom Joyner morning show almost 2 months ago with steve harvey. Buffalo’s heritage AM WUFO has decided to run The Tom Joyner Morning show…


Prince Tribute Channel Launches on SiriusXM

Prince Tribute Channel Launches on SiriusXM NEW YORK–April 21, 2016– SiriusXM announced today that it will pay tribute to the legendary artist Prince. The limited-run channel will feature music from Prince’s ground-breaking, iconic and innovative career which spanned over 30…


iHeartRadio Launches "Prince Tribute Radio"

“What’s missing from pop music is danger.” – Prince Yesterday we were saddened to hear that music icon Prince passed away at age 57 and are encouraging listeners to remember his legacy by enjoying his prolific collection. Just launched on…


Icon Prince Dead at 57

I know this is shocking but Prince has died. The legendary musician had a recent medical emergency and had to have his private plane land for medical care a few days ago but he appeared on stage for a few minutes…


Former Warner Music Exec Sentenced

Former Warner Music exec Danielle D Smith was found guilty recently for embezzling more than 1 Million from the label as part of a plea deal.  She pleaded guilty for second degree grand larceny for using a corporate credit card…