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Alicia Keys New Global Creative Director of BlackBerry



At a press conference in New York, Blackberry debuted their newest model: the BB10. The company’s CEO & President Thorsten Heins also announced the creation of a new position, Global Creative Director, and that Grammy winning singer/songwriter/actress Alicia Keys got the job.

Of her use of the product, Keys said she stopped using BlackBerry for a while in favor of other phones she “saw at the gym that were a little sexier and had more bling,” but now she’s back and shared an extensive account of the features she loves about the BB10.

Keys has won fourteen Grammys Awards and sold more than 35 million albums worldwide. Of her newest title, she said she intends to reach “other super women who love BlackBerry, a big demographic. It’s a big job, a super hands-on role, but I really want to do it.”

BlackBerry has fallen out of favor with many who have opted instead for the iPhone and Android smartphones. Heins said: “We are excited she will be bringing to us her enormous capabilities, as well as a vast network of relationships in the entertainment, social media and business communities, to help shape our brand and grow our business.”


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