20 Shocking Things Never Posted in Radio Facts

Written by Kevin Ross - September 10, 2011 at 9:28 am - Filed Under: URBAN

Sales Discrimination Case
Several sales people from a popular radio corporation called me about the severe racial discrimination that takes place at various stations within the corporation. Unbeknownst to many of them, I have heard the same complaints from MANY of the corporation’s stations nationwide. They are known, for example, to give white sales reps all parts of a city to work but they relegate black and Hispanic sales staff to the ghettos. I seriously contemplated running a big story on the situation, which I have no doubt would have been picked up by larger sites like The Huffington Post and more and I called their marketing exec to discuss. This person had the nerve to ask me if I could forward the names and the complaints. They were feigning concern and I have no doubt had I done that, every one of those people would have been fired but it was not going to happen. She must have taken me for a total idiot. This corporation has never supported Radio Facts and I told this exec “Why should I help you?” The exec then explained they were adamant about making sure employees were happy and that all problems were addressed immediately. I told the execgood luck.” I decided not to run the story because I did not see the advantage for Radio Facts. I saw a situation that could have hurt us more than helped us. Radio has never financially supported the site and I did not want to turn other corporate clients off. (Click here to buy eBook with instant access for just $9.99)


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(Click here to buy ebook for instant access for just $9.99)