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10 Underrated Black Singers Who Should have Been Bigger Stars…

Written by KevRoss - January 6, 2012 - Of Interest Top 10 Features



vanityUnderrated Black Singers: In today’s reality TV arena I could very easily see Vanity with a reality show and endorsement deals through the roof had she been the same star today. Vanity electrified the 80s as the lead singer of Vanity 6 then after a dispute with the group’s creator, Prince, she left to pursue a solo career. Things got very interesting after that. She starred in a Motown hit movie The Last Dragon (which was supposed to have a sequel but lead actor Taimak’s ego destroyed the project…and his career) Vanity signed with Motown releasing several singles including “Pretty Mess” and “Under the Influence” then she dissapeared.

While some might say Vanity didn’t have the most powerful vocals she could certainly sing well enough to have a career but what made her special was she had that “it” factor that so few stars have. There was something about her that had she been led on a different career path would have taken her to much higher ground. Denice, which she now prefers to be called, is a minister in Los Angeles

She’s currently promoting her book “Blame it on Vanity.” She admits that getting out of the entertainment business saved her life. Out of respect for her religion (and since she’s a FaceBook friend) I will not post her previous videos.